Narratives of Inclusion: Can cities help us live together?

– The Guardian, December 2015

Cities are booming. But who exactly is it going well for? Eminent urban sociologist Richard Sennett and author Suketu Mehta raised questions of identity, grounding and belonging in the contemporary city. By exploring the urban experiences and narratives of migrant communities and their inextricably linked connections with both their new and their home environment, this debate considered one of the greatest challenges for any city builder today: how do we form a community within these enormous, historically unprecedented, and continuously mobile agglomerations of people? Can we create cities and neighbourhoods which perhaps are not fully inclusive but at least are not exclusive to particular groups? How can we live better together in the 21st century city, these 10…20…60 million people living side-by-side, and on top of each other?

This conference was one of the series of five public Global Debates celebrating ten years of the Urban Age programme. ( link here)

Speakers: Suketu Mehta, Richard Sennett
Chair: Tessa Jowell


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